EOS Cafe Block

About EOS Cafe Block

EOS Cafe Block is a leading block producer on the EOS blockchain focused on creating value through innovation, technology, and education. Our team is maximizing adoption of the world’s fastest blockchain by adding tangible value to the EOS ecosystem.

Our Core Pillars

Tools and Applications
We create tools that enable the general public to interact with the EOS blockchain in the simplest and easiest way possible. With each of our apps, our focus from start to finish is on usability and user experience. Check out our portfolio.

Community and Education
We provide consistent educational content and guides to help new and existing members of the EOS community. We are currently working on creating a larger EOSIO educational platform in collaboration with other BPs.

We educate and consult enterprise clients on solving real-world problems using the EOS blockchain. We also work with exchanges to support EOS initiatives and provide technical advisory for new and exciting decentralized applications on EOS.

We provide these tools

We offer a number of tools to make interacting with the EOS blockchain easier.


Paper Wallet


We advise these dApps

We offer a number of tools to make interacting with the EOS blockchain easier.




Our Team

Syed Jafri
Syed is our chief blockchain architect and head developer. His years of experience developing smart contracts on Ethereum have positioned him to be on the cutting edge of EOS development. Syed has a collaborative attitude and is always on the lookout for new partnerships and opportunities in the EOS ecosystem.
Swandoyo Hartono
Swandoyo is the primary systems engineer and architect of our BP's infrastructure. He has extensive past experience in running high-performance computing servers and is right at home in his role ensuring smooth and consistent block production on the EOS network.
Haley Thomson
Haley leads business development & strategy and helps manage the team’s financial and legal departments. Before joining the BP team Haley was a successful energy trader and is no stranger to working in a high paced industry or making decisions in the face of uncertainty.
Maria Cho
BD Manager
Maria handles the business development and project management on the team. With a background in Economics and Risk Management, Maria previously worked with the government under various departments. Maria is new to the blockchain industry and thrilled to be a part of the ever-growing technology and the EOS network.

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We Are Available Worldwide

Our company is a global provider of blockchain services, backed by industry leading technology and security. Our clients range from dApps and exchanges to corporate businesses. If you are looking to cut costs and innovate using blockchain technologies, we have solutions for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bolster your blockchain portfolio.